Saturday, August 28, 2010

An afternoon spent pottering

I missed the last two ANU Art School Open Days (I was probably working) so it was great to finally have the chance to go again with Cycling S. It was odd checking out the Glass Workshop as it seemed so much less intimidating than last time after our recent adventures at Canberra Glassworks.

We spent some time (and money) looking at the pottery works the students had for sale before venturing into the
Ceramics Workshop, where Cycling S shouted us to a $5 have a go session.

The last time I worked with clay I was in primary school and made coil pots so I was keen to have a play. Our tutor explained the basics(So far, so good)And then disaster struck!
(Uh oh...) Cycling S had a go,did much better than me, and ended up with a jug shaped piece.By which stage I'd decided to try again
and ended up with, um...this (the surface treatment is intentional, by the way)From this angle I think it looks a bit like a head and if it were to be fired (rather than air dried and picked up on Monday) I'd want to fill it with earth and plant cress in the top...


Sarah said...

It looks kind of urn like-as well as head like. I haven't done this since being at school either and I wasn't very good at it then!

Kids Cool Clothing said...


You have great art.this type of art is priceless. Really I like that..

I love it...


Kerry said...

AhA! Now I know the secret idenity of Cycling S.