Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh, the places you'll go!

Tonight, just in case I haven't got enough culture this week already, The Lovely S (still without cool nickname) took me along to the National Gallery's 25th birthday party.The Gallery had on it's finest outfit(s) for the occasion:and there were teaming masses of interesting arty looking people.

One in particular stopped to talk to us, and turned out to be Peter Travis, designer of the Speedo, colour guru, ceramicist and kite maker. I was honoured and overwhelmed (but that didn't stop me giving him a Moo card with my details (thanks to S as I was out of them) in case he's taking on more students in the future...)S and I had a great night and took fartoo manyphotos (the best of which might make it up to Flickr over the next few days. But maybe not tomorrow cause we're planning to go back for the open day!)

Tonight was particularly memorable for S as she'd worked as a waitress at the NGA opening 25 years ago...

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Charlotte said...

those pictures are fab. good that you took far too many.