Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday: Dripping, ripping and sipping

Dripping: I hear that water features in the home are trendy and calming.

But when your "water feature" involves a hole in your bedroom ceiling:and the gentle thud of the rain hitting the bottom of the plastic tub positioned in the middle of the bedroom doorway to catch the leak, I think you're allowed to feel ever so slightly on edge.Luckily I had a flat inspection yesterday morning and so left the tub sitting under the hole.

Ripping: up the contents of my 2002/03 financial year accounts folder.Every year at this time I think I should buy a shredder. Every year I decide it's silly buying something that takes up room for an hour-a-year job...

Sipping: NZ Pinot Noir (in honour of her upcoming trip to Nuw Zild) on Ampersand Duck's sofa while eating a very fine risotto and watching
Spicks and Specks last night. Lovely.

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