Thursday, November 04, 2010

Architecture, architecture and architecture

Tonight I attended three events, all architecture-related.

First up was the Australian Institute of Architects'
2010 Walter Burley Griffin Memorial Lecture: a very thought provoking presentation given by two architects based in Wellington. The main lesson I learnt was that a black and white cat uses as much of an environmental footprint as a black and white Smart car.

After the lecture we kind of sort of maybe gate-crashed the opening for Alex Asch's new exhibition at Beaver Galleries and admired his new miniature works. I'll definately be going again for another, less rushed study of them.

We didn't stay long as we had jazz to listen to in the room above my doctor's offices. The main reason I went was to have a sneaky beak at the space as I'd always wondered about it while I sat downstairs waiting for my appointment but I soon forgot that and got entranced by the music.

I did leave wondering how they got a grand piano up the stairs. Maybe next time I get sick I'll remember to ask?


Ampersand Duck said...

Sigh. Excuse the lecturing tone of voice... but:

You know what? Unless they're checking ID or handing out nametags at the door, you can't 'gatecrash' an opening.

Trooly... most artists are delighted if people actually want to see their work, and if you're looking at the art rather than just heading straight for the food table, it doesn't matter if you don't know anyone!

You need to stop thinking of yourself as an eavesdropper and start seeing yourself as a vital element of the local art/craft community, young lady!


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yes Mum!

(And there was no alcohol or food involved otherwise I would have classified myself as a ligger...)