Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making a scene

It's a grey day today so I've declared it a PJ Day and am enjoying having the time to work on a couple of overdue projects.

I decided to try making a miniature version of
this pouffe using this full sized pattern as inspiration and some lovely wool I picked up in New Zealand.

And once it was done, I couldn't resist throwing together a scene to highlight it.

(Credits: Wall: Side of a concertina file I got in a swap years ago. Floor: Sample of wood laminate found in the back of the mini cupboard. Rug: See here. Shelving unit: Dolls House Emporium. Bus roll art: fridge magnet bought in Wellington. Glass bottles: Picked up in Venice many years ago. Storage boxes: Rement, repainted. Uppercase magazines: Made by me from cover images sent by Janice. Tray: Lego Scala. Coffee plunger: Delph Miniatures. Cup and saucer, pear: unknown.)


ann said...

LOVE IT! I also love how 1:1 sized furniture looks like miniature scale. Makes our job so much easier =X

Margaret said...

I love that pouffe! If only I could knit...or you sold these on Etsy!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Odd you should mention that as I'm currently looking into it. Watch this space :-)

(In the meantime, I'm always up for a swap)

Mandy Vlak said...

I love the pouffe to but just as manny people I don't know how to knit but, If you cant sell the pouffe.. you can alwlways sell a DIY kit right..?