Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miniatures in magazines

I don't usually buy Frankie* but I was told that there were retro miniatures in the latest issue that I might like: And so there were. In 1/6th scale (a scale I don't work in) but that didn't stop me from poring over the fabulous scenes:They're by Georgia Smith (I can't find a web presence)

(*Well only if there are dolls houses or caravans within)


Michelle said...

I saw this too - isn't it great! Georgia is a Blythe person, I'm pretty sure. I'll check on the forums to see if I can find a website for her.

Betsy Couzins said...

This house is tucked inside a closet and is absolutely incredible in photos!

SInce I'm delurking let me say that your blog is not too shabby itself!

Betsy Couzins said...

woops--put my own flickr link in wrong--who does that ? :)

Kerry said...

Oh good, you saw this. I noticed it in the weekend and was going to bring to your attention.