Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's on my camera?

Another photo of Clare Martin's work from her ANCA exhibition Notes on an imaginary culture:Street art in Kaleen spotted while dropping off Lovely Laura after brunch this morning...(No idea what Belco is?)More photos from Skyscape at NGA: (Di and I perplexed a number of people by taking photographs of a puddle until we pointed out what we were seeing in it...)

A random leaf found next to a sculpture at CMAG's Altered States exhibition:And, finally, some new art which came home with me:


m1k1 said...

beko is a brand of white goods. maybe some reference to consumerism????
I really like the newart.

Di said...

Love your new art, who would have thought it's a miniture scene - well done!

Anonymous said...

'belco' is short for Belconnen, the area of Canberra that Kaleen is in :)