Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big box: lovely loot

There was a parcel waiting for me at the Post Office today. I thought it might have been the business cards I'd ordered for my new role as Assistant Editor of The tiny Times.

But I was wrong: it was something much, much better:
Modern miniature swap parcel
Swap parcel, straight from the Post Office
my swap parcel from Mod Pod Miniatures
Inside of swap parcel, showing bubble wrap and an envelope with Anna-Maria written on it
The first view of my swap parcel from Mod Pod Miniatures
 Care to join me for the unboxing?
Modern miniature swap parcel with bubblewrap removed from top
With the bubble wrap removed
 First out of the box was one of her funky retro lounges with a built-in side table. With lots of colour to give me a challenge.
Colourful retro modern miniature sofa created by Mod Pod Miniatures
Colourful retro miniature sofa
 This was followed by one of her credenzas with a sliding doors. Loving this!
Mod Pod Miniatures' retro credenza with grey sliding doors
Retro credenza with grey sliding doors
 Next up was the first box of treasures: a picture frame, beads, bowl, selection of fabrics and battery adapter. These will be fun to incorporate into my scenes.
Black and white modern miniature picture frame, bowl, beads, fabric pieces and battery adapter
Contents of the first box of miniature treasures
 Three small stripy boxes followed. The first contained a retro TV, a daisy finding and a plate.
Miniature retro TV, daisy finding and plate
Miniature retro TV, daisy finding and plate
 The second, a set of colourful plastic storage containers suspiciously similar to a set I had favourited on Etsy,
Four small coloured see-through miniature storage containers
A selection of coloured see-through miniature plastic storage containers
 And the third, a trio of her hand-made cushions.
Three modern miniature cushions with funny slogans on them
Mod Pod Miniatures' handmade slogan cushions
 There was a giant felt doily rug
Red felt doily coaster, for use as a modern miniature rug
Felt doily rug
and a fireplace to go with it (how did she know that, even though it's the middle of summer, I have a thing for fireplaces at the moment?)
Modern resin miniature fireplace
Modern resin miniature fireplace
 These mini coloured bottles were pretty cool
Set of eight nail arts miniature bottles, each a different colour
Set of nail arts mini bottles
 As was this retro clip-on light:
Red LED clip-on spot light reading light
LED clip-on spot light
 There were Matisse post cards
Two post cards with images by Matisse on them
Matisse post cards
 and some if the MiWorld pieces I've been interested in recently. (Yay!)
MiWorld miniature accessories cupcake set
MiWorld miniature accessories set
 And, finally, more battery adapters (reminding me that I really should go buy a soldering iron, follow Mitchymoo Miniatures' instructions and learn to solder).
Two battery adapters
Battery adapters
 And here's the full round up of lovely loot I received:
Photograph of all the items received in the Mod Pod Miniatures swap parcel
Contents of my Mod Pod Miniatures swap parcel
How lucky am I? How generous is Mod Pod Miniatures?


Pepper said...

You lucky Lady. Lot's of mini goodness there. Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate all of that colour into a scene =0P

Kikka N said...

You are sure to be Lucky Lady!
Will be waiting to see what you will "build" with all these cool items!

Mad For Mod said...

I'm so glad you like it all. By the way, the T.V. lights up and does the old fashioned fuzzy sound like back in the day when the T.V. stations would sign off for the night. Enjoy!

Hannah said...

Wow, you are very lucky =) I love her things, and she was very generous =)