Saturday, February 15, 2014

New toys (or The dangers of reading the junk mail)

Friday night's junk mail had me up, dressed and out the door before 8.30 this morning.

Why? Because ALDI's special deals were tools. Some of which had been on my list for quite some time, and some were more recent additions. And all of which fitted my (fairly narrow) range of acceptable colours for things that come to live with me.
Pile of four new tools, still in boxes.
I bought a digital caliper gauge,
Digital caliper gauge
a suction vice,
Suction vice
a table vice,
Table vice
and a gas soldering torch kit (which freaks me out about as much as my G11 camera, which is still sitting, pretty much untouched, three years after I got it. Let's hope I pluck up the courage to use this sooner...)
Gas soldering torch kit
There were sets of very tempting drawers in stock as well but I told myself I'm not allowed new drawers until I finally fill the empty drawers I already have. 


Pepper said...

Squeeeeeee! I'm so thrilled you bought a soldering iron. In fact the whole tool stash is great because it means you intend to make something. I can't believe your Powershot is getting dusty. Man, take it out of the box! I've got a G9 and I take it everywhere. It's excellent for macro shots =0)

AMCSviatko said...

They'll need to mature for a while first. Come back in, oh, 2018 or so and see what's happening with them... ;-)

m1k1 said...

brilliant haul of constructive goodness

Mad For Mod said...

Score! Good for you just have to use them. I had no idea that Aldi had tools. Who would have thought!

Cestina said...

I did the same in Lidl a couple of weeks ago.....:-)