Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Giving away the goodies...

The happy news is that the winners are:

Twelve months in miniature: a 2014 calendar by The Shopping Sherpa
Twelve months in miniature: a 2014 calendar by The Shopping Sherpa
True Random Number Generator showing that out of 14 numbers, it has chosen number 12
Bellabox of bits
Empty cardboard box with the brand bellabox written on the lid
Empty bellabox
True Random Number Generator showing that out of 2 numbers, it has chosen number 2
 Chalkboard laptop toy
Adelaide Cann's modern miniature laptop toy kit, completed
Adelaide Cann's modern miniature laptop toy kit, completed
True Random Number Generator showing that out of 4 numbers, it has chosen number 2
Pile of pegs
Adelaide Cann's lasercut miniature peg kitset
Adelaide Cann's lasercut miniature peg kitset
Kikka N!
True Random Number Generator showing that out of 3 numbers, it has chosen number 2
Poppy triptych
Dolls' house miniature poppy triptych on a wall
Dolls' house miniature poppy triptych on a wall
True Random Number Generator showing that out of 3 numbers, it has chosen number 1
(Well done guys, and if if I don't already have your address, can you email it to me? There's a link in the sidebar)

The sad news is I've been made aware of the legalities of giving things away on blogs, and think that future giveaways/sweepstakes/whatever you want to call them will be firmly put in my Too Hard basket...


Neen said...

I am sorry to hear about the Australian legal constraints on giveaways. It seems to be much easier in the US except, generally, winners must be picked randomly, we can't require entrance fees, can't giveaway alcohol, cigarettes (you get the picture), and the end date can't be extended. There probably will be new laws in the future after a few disappointed giveaway participants sue for tens of billions of dollars in pain and suffering damages after they lose a giveaway and suffer post traumatic stress disorder. Well, I intend to finally send you the package I promised you months ago, ( and it's a gift not a giveaway).

Cheers, Neen

Kyle Lefort said...

Ever since I won a few blog giveaways, including one of yours (Thanks again, btw), I've been looking into having one on my blog too. For the most part the mini giveaways, that just about every mini blog has, are harmless, but legally it could go very wrong-fast.

I've been reading through the laws, and if I do figure it all out, odds are I'll have to really limit who can enter-That's no fun.

Sad how complicated things are, isn't it?

Rebecca said...

Thank you! I love the poppy magnets! Do you still have my address, or do you want to keep them till May?

Oh my goodness! To figure out the laws of every state in every country - this seems ridiculous, especially when giveaways like these are not promotional in the sense of promoting specific goods or services. I guess they're a form of 'promoting' a blog, but really, they're fun, celebratory ... well, squelch to fun, obviously! I was just thinking I should do one for my 5th blogiversary, too :-(

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I think it's similar to broadcasting legislation and the fact it was written before digital convergence happened: the laws on sweepstakes. contents and lotteries were written before the idea that people could create personal webpages that are read around the world and offer goodies to their readers could be conceived.

m1k1 said...

Well an interesting topic - a whole new set of considerations.

Susan said...

Oh, how lovely! I'm chuffed to be the lucky recipient of your generous 'gift'. Very saddened to be made aware of the restrictions on giving gifts to friends who we meet in our happy on-line community. I don't really have any other reason for my blog except to share the joy by giving when I am blessed with the time and physical resources to do so. I don't have many RL miniature friends to share with - make that one, poor Lidi, I can just see her face when she finds herself the recipient of all crochet surplus to my needs - so I'll have to find a way around the problem. Meantime, thanks so very much, you've brightened my day!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Perhaps I could offer a 'swap' with no expectation of receiving anything back. Must look into the legality of that.

Or, since I seem to be building quite a nice list of fellow modern miniaturist's addresses, I could just start randomly sending people packages as the mood takes me. *blink blink* :-D

Pepper Mitcheson said...

Sheesh! Even generosity is taxed/regulated/unlawful..

Anyway, congratulations to the winners =0)

Kikka N said...

HI..I am thrilled! Thank you, I Love those pegs :)
Congrats to all the other winners too :)
Well, I read with the amazement the Legal issues about giveaways.. :
I think, the giveaways are kind of "free" amusement for everybody taking part(not free for the organizer)except the fact that you often need to be the follower to be able to take part, and the prizes differ very much but are usually never valued in money..in many cases somebody has made the prize herself. So these "G's" are more like generosity / gifts ??
Haven't heard yet any talk about legal issues here in Europe, but I am sure it will come here also.
Maybe I didn't understand every point about what I read: I am not a native english speaker...
I'll send you my address.

Kikka N said...
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Penelope said...

Hi, I am so thrilled to win my first giveaway. I even like just the plain box. I will send my address via the sidebar. Thank you again. And congrats to the other

Penelope said...

Hi again, I can't seem to email you via the link because my default email is not installed. Would you mind contacting me at kstrobos[at]yahoo.com? Thanks so much!

Anna said...

Hi! I JUST saw that you draw me as a winner of the calendar! Thank you so so so much! =) I have sent you an email =) I hope I´m not to late to see this? hugs! Anna

Hannah said...

Congratulations to the winners! In Sweden we have a law saiyng we cant giveaway things like a lottery, but if we make it more of a competition, like if people guess how many beads in a jar, then its OK =) There are laws for everything...

Susan said...

Hi Anna Maria! It's been far too long but finally my dear wee computer is finished and has found a place to live in my modern shabby chic kitchen. Thank you!!