Friday, February 07, 2014

February flick-through

Look what I discovered in my post box this morning:
Assistant Editor Anna-Maria C Sviatko holding up the February 2014 issue of The tiny Times
Me with the February 2014 issue of The tiny Times
My first issue of The tiny Times as Assistant Editor!

And, since Cider Teak wanted another vlog post:


Eliana said...

It's great! ;)

Jodie said...

I am clicking and clicking but figure out where or how to get a copy ..... Help.

Mad For Mod said...

Congrats, That's awesome!

AMCSviatko said...

Jodie: you have to be a member of the Australian Miniaturists Association to receive the mag. Membership is $35 for the first year and $25 a year after that for Australian-based peeps (this includes 4 issues of TtT), and $10 extra for overseas members: