Thursday, February 20, 2014

Typo terrariums

Typo terrarium kit, including staue of liberty, tree, grass, figures, park bench and car
(Image shamelessly lifted from the Typo website)
I noticed three terrarium kits lurking in the Typo online new releases earlier in the week, which I found particularly interesting in the light of the discovery that Eckersley's is selling such things as well. Are we about to see a surge of miniatures as art in the mainstream consciousness?

Even with the 30% sale which was announced today, I won't be racing to buy any yet. I'll just wait for them to turn up in the outlet store...

(Further reading:
Christopher Boffoli
Isaac Corbell
Let me know if I've missed anyone...)


Susan said...

We can only hope mainstream consciousness becomes aware of the benefits of miniaturing (my word) on the human psyche!

Envelope arrived midst excitement! I love small parcels :) what a neat little kit! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter your give away. I hope I can make a worthy job of finishing this. I want to try for the modern laptop look......

Penelope said...

The Bella Box arrived safely!! Thanks so much! I opened it with my daughter - as soon as she saw a box with fancy wrapping paper, she wanted to open it. There was so much inside. I love the purple rug and pouf and those pink cocktail stick things. We started putting a scene together, but got distracted, so we will finish up this weekend and send you some pictures. Thanks again!