Monday, February 17, 2014

Having a whale of a time

While friends and I were chatting around my dining table yesterday afternoon, I found my hands twitching so fetched my cast-on rug and started knitting.

Which means that today I have a completed object to share:
Modern miniature flokati-style rug in teal
 I threw up a quick scene, as I realised how out of practice I've become.
Modern dolls' house lounge room with teal flokati rug, white sofa and drawers, black and white cushions and orca art poster
(One of my friends who was chatting while I was knitting commented that they should be called 'Fauxkati rugs' I think I agree with her...)

I have just enough yarn left for a second rug. Let me know if you're interested in a swap (they're still legal, right?)


modernist molly said...

Love the rug; love the colour; would love to do a swap. It will kick start me into minis again

AMCSviatko said...

modernist molly: You're on. Email me your address :-)

(I understand the need for a kickstart sometimes...)

Pepper said...

I love that colour combo. Beautiful!

Kikka N said...

The color is perfect! The rug is cool..Love it!

Mad For Mod said...

Love the color!