Friday, January 02, 2015

The five-minute job that took over two years

I have so many half-finished projects taking up work space (and making me feel bad) so have decided that 2015 is the year I return to the concept of Finish it off Friday (feel free to join in, if you have a similar problem.)

First up is a Megahouse candy jar from the Panda Candy Shop set #2 which I bought some time in 2012, thinking it would make a great light. (You can see it in the corner of Kaet's Place from June 2013)
A miniature red plastic bear container held between two fingers.
I had reasons to not complete the (rather small) task of drilling a hole in the back of it to fit the wiring for a bulb:
* I didn't have a drill. (Until I did: after reading Otterine's post in December 2012, I went to buy a Dremel and ended up with a cheap knock-off, recommended by the chaps in the hardware store).
* I didn't have anything to hold it steady while I drilled it, (Until I did).
* I was a fraidy-cat, thinking I'd do it all wrong and end up splitting the plastic and wrecking the whole thing.

This afternoon I took a deep breath, Pulled out and set up the vice. Pulled out and unwrapped the drill. Found the masking tape. Held my breath.

And before I knew it there was a hole.
A miniature red plastic bear container. lit up from the inside.
And a light.


m1k1 said...

Fraidy-catdom is my natural habitat. Well done you.

Pepper said...

I'm going to join your finish it off Friday, it's the incentive I need.

Love the lamp though, it looks fab =0)

Mad For Mod said...

Good for you! Power tools may soon become your friend! The lamp looks great! I like your idea of finish it off Friday, count me in....once I have my work room back in order.

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Looks really good! The glow is nice.
I'm really looking forward to getting back to my projects and checking off some things too. :) Although I might be more of a finish it off every other friday haha

Mini Dork said...

Bravo! Great light. You never cease to inspire me. I love the idea of Finish it off Friday. I'm going to try it but I may have to change it to Suck it up Sunday as I have more time on the weekends. I definitely have tons of half started projects that are in dire need of being completed. THANKS for the motivation to start off the new year!

AMCSviatko said...

Mini Dork: I LOVE 'Suck it up Sunday' (which goes well with today, which I've named 'Shop the stash Saturday'...)

But no one said you have to actually finish the thing on Friday: just blog it then :-)

Unknown said...

Finish it off Friday might work well with #SewMyStash :)