Saturday, November 19, 2016

But what did I buy?!

My miniature purchases on my trip can be grouped into the following themes:

1. Kiwi-style vintage
One-twelfth scale miniature 1940s chest of drawers, afghan rug, embroidered cushions, tramping boots, blanket and binoculars.
Including a lovely simple 1940s-style chest of drawers and hand-embroidered cushions (from a pop-up stall at the delegates-only night), another afghan (from Jackie Smith's stall: I figure you can never have enough miniature afghans...), 3D-printed tramping boots from a seller who was sharing a table with John Duff, and whose name I have forgotten). Plus a pair of binoculars in a case, and a spare blanket and set of paper dolls from a couple of the cheapo boxes that I love rummaging in...
One-twelfth scale miniature 1940s afghan rug, embroidered cushions, tramping boots and paper dolls.
2. A Bach by the sea
One-twelfth scale miniature paua splashbacks, vases, Hawaiian shirt, frames and crocheted rug.
 These items were mostly cheapo-box finds. I thought the paua pieces would make great kitchen splashbacks, and the beads came from a good-sized pack that I got for $1 (because we always need more beads, right?)

The picture on the bottom row is of a well-known mural in Wellington's Marion Street, fairly close to where I used to live.

And how could I resist the afghan from Kim's Minis (see above about afghans)? Black. Daisies. Just beautiful.
Detail of a one-twelfth scale black crocheted rug with a daisy pattern.
 3. Food glorious food
A selection of one-twelfth scale miniature food.
 And such good prices (even without factoring the exchange rate).
Plate of buttered crumpets in one-twelfth scale.
Baked salmon dinner in one-twelfth scale.
Two lots of fish and chips in one-twelfth scale.
4. Weird and wonderful
One-twelfth scale wooden book press.
 Because everyone needs a one-twelfth scale bookpress,
One-twelfth industrial-style pipe shelving unit.
 pipe shelves
Two one-twelfth scale magpies perched on a piece of wood held by a hand.
and magpies, right?

5. Cheap and cheerful
Various one-twelfth scale furniture items, including chairs, a desk unit, a side table, a wicker shopping trolley and a photocopier.
A range of furniture and pieces picked up from various de-stashes and cheapo bins. Total cost for everything pictured: $26.

 6. Tools of the trade
Various tools and items for miniature making including windows and lights, a transformer, tweezers and an Ezy Cutter.
I was excited to find some bargains here, too. The Easy Cutter has been on my list for a while, so I was happy to spot a second hand one with a spare blade for $20. The 12-volt transformer was $5 (Can you believe I didn't have one already?)

The only problem was that, after I bought them, I remembered I was overseas and needed to fit within the weight limits for my flights home!

The lights were $4 or $5 each, and the tweezers a couple of dollars each (I keep losing mine, so I figured I should buy a stash to keep in various places...)

7. A very small dollshouse
'Very small dollshouse' kitset with thumb for scale.
 From Jewel Lewis's stall. I love her work.

8. Not really miniatures
Various cards, bookmarks and magnets with designs that could be used in miniature scenes.
Because I'm always on the lookout for things I can use in scenes: even if they're supposed to be cards, magnets or bookmarks in real life...


Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Love!! Now make a scene. I wanna see them played with (I miss your mini scenes)

And is that a photocopier? Or a printer? Really neat. The best stuff is always the stuff no one else wants

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I miss my scenes, too. But I needed to finish off my work with The tiny Times, then go to NZ and then sort out all the photos from NZ before I could make time to play. I'm hoping to get the photos finished in the next few days and then WATCH OUT :-D

(It's a scanner/printer/copier, with a wind up key: but it doesn't work. For $2, I didn't care much!)

Tina said...

(@ Kat it looks like a photocopier). Well what a wonderful stash you acquired. I've just been miniature shopping so I'm not feeling too envious. But your finds are really great pieces to work with.

Sheila said...

Wow! You've got a lot of cool stuff! Those crumpets! OMG we're dieting here and those made my mouth water.

Elizabeth S said...

It is such a Terrific feeling when you can find a variety of useful items which don't break the bank and give you a lot of pleasure! :D These minis appear to be not only good for future projects but will put you in mind of your Wonderful time spent in New Zealand whenever you see them. :D

Pepper Mitcheson said...

I have a real soft spot for mini stuff that works like it's life size counterpart. I would have bought the book press because - well just because. Great stash of goodies