Friday, December 29, 2017

Fix-it Friday

It's that time of the year, when my focus turns to the chores I try to get done over the summer break so I can start the new year feeling all fresh and sorted.

Cleaning under the stove and the fridge. Vacuuming under the bed. Doing the filing. Sorting out my photo files.

I'd scheduled five hours of mini-making time into my day today: and found myself in the weird position of deciding I'd rather work on life admin instead...

Including a major renovation of my blog (including a long-overdue change of name). I'd hoped to get that done and dusted for the turn of the year but I'm now thinking it's probably safer to aim for a launch to coincide with my twelfth blogiversary in February...
One-twelfth scale miniature toolbox with steel ruler, hammer, screwdriver, spanner and measuring tape.

(Twelve! I suspect blog years are like dog years: and my blog is a grand old lady).

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