Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday: tidying up trivial tasks

Today was a scorcher, with the temperature driving me out of the studio to the relative coolness of downstairs. Which meant that plans to finish the Seaside Shack lounge build went with me.

Instead, before I retreated I collected a selection of bits and bobs that were in my 'I'll finish this soon...' box. I figured they were just what I needed to work on with little brain power and yet mean I would finish the day with a sense of (sweaty) accomplishment.

And so it was:
Selection of hand-made one-twelfth scale modern miniatures laid out on a cutting mat with various full-sized tools. Included are cushions, pictures, perfume bottles and place mats.
The cushions you'll recognise from Sunday. The placemats and coasters were from leftover paper I unearthed from this project while tidying up, and are destined for a swap parcel. And the bottles are from the edging I picked up on my last visit to Pete's Emporium.

And then there's this:
Tiny one-twelfth scale framed sketch of a heart in a house, with a light behind the sketch.
a teeny-tiny working light box. It's still bodged together with blu-tack but I'm pretty pleased with it so far and think it will be the perfect finishing touch on the mantelpiece of the Seaside Shack lounge...

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