Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday: treasure from the tip shop

I try to forget that we have two tip shops in the centre of town (well, as much as you can forget when you've liked their Facebook page and so get daily alerts of what new treasures they have in stock...)

This afternoon I was lured in for a visit and left with a few treasures*, including this:
Plastic bag containing various small bits and bobs (including metal badges, small containers and frames) with a price tag saying '$5 Bag of randon stuff'' attached.
Because you know how much I love bags of random stuff.

(*As if I didn't already have enough inspiration to work through...)


Minworks said...

Hi, We do not have tip shops to my knowledge in BC Canada. I know there is one in Queensland and my friend has picked up some building material treasures at the store which is next to the tip.... also known as the dump, recycling or landfill site.
I am not completely sure that this is what you mean by the tip shop?

In any case I think your skill and imagination to create something from small nothings is the real treasure.
Have fun.
Regards Janine

Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

I think you need to put that ABBA pin front and center in a scene!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Minworks: Yes, that's exactly what I mean by a tip shop. But in Canberra we're fortunate to have four: one at each of Canberra's landfill sites plus two in the centre of the city (one focusing on collectables and vintage goods, the other on clothes, books, CDs and electrical stuff.

Interesting that there are none where you are. What happens to all the 'still good but unwanted' stuff that goes to the landfill site? Or is Canada like the USA, where donations to op (thrift) shops and the like are tax deductable and so perhaps less useful stuff ends up going into landfill? (Or buying used items is discouraged as buying new is seen as stimulating the economy?)


Kitty and Kat Miniatures: I think you might be right :-D