Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday shelfie: a quick scene was a crate idea

The day slipped away from me and it was with a slight sense of panic I realised the time late this afternoon and that I'd not prepared anything to blog about.

A more calming realisation was that it was Saturday and so I was quite justified in whipping up a Saturday shelfie scene.

I added some parameters to streamline the decision-making process:
1. Use items I'd received from blog-buddies in swaps as a start...
2. ...and at least one unused furniture item I had sitting in stash.

I surprised myself by picking out three purple pieces that Kitty & Kat Miniatures had sent me in a swap last year (I don't really like purple, and find it difficult to photograph well).
One-twelfth scale modern miniature scene containing a white shelving unit made of crates and a plastic glittery purple chair next to it. The shelving contains various decorative items in purple, white and black and the chair holds a black and white stitched cushion.
Choosing the shelf was easy: I bought this crate shelf at the 2016 Sydney show, as I realised I was never going to get around to making my own version. Originally it was designed to go into a lavender shop, so using it in a purple scene seemed quite fitting!

Also from stash was a purple chair from the Lori Moderna dining set

To add interest I included some books (what's a shelfie without books?), a black-and-white vase and one of the pot plants I made at the beginning of the summer break.

The final touch was the hand-stitched black and white cushion Judy Foster gave me at the 2016 Sydney show.

(Time taken: 15 minutes)

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