Monday, June 19, 2006

All quiet on the blogging front...

My other baby (TSS the company as opposed to TSS the blog) was crying out for some attention so I spent yesterday doing very important but pretty boring to blog about stuff with it. Like organising official email addresses and setting up my eBay store in readiness for some exciting stuff that will be happening really soon.

I did take some time out to sort out my craft cupboard which had erupted all over the study floor in the past week so I'm feeling pretty happy and sorted (and so is the cupboard, I'm sure!)

And the pictures? Just a couple of things I picked up on my weekly Monday visit to The Brain Injury Foundation op shop. The tree thingy above is about 27 cm square and was 20 cents.

And for 50 cents I picked up this pillow case for Pink Rocket. It really is more of a salmony colour (bad lighting at night for picture taking) and looks like it really really wants to turn into a bag.


Pink Rocket said...

OMG! i SO totally LOVE you!!! the tree image is fantastic too! but, you? you rock sista! the pillowcase is fab and i'm all giddy now!

mamatulip said...

Wow, I love that tree thingy. Will you hang it? It reminds me of the tree of life...I really dig it.