Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seven Things Spring/ Summer Week 16: back on track


* 7 magazines
* 2 Homebake07 CDs (free from the newsagents - 1 to keep, 1 to give away)
* 3 pairs tortoiseshell knitting needles ($4 total)
* 1 pot plant (gift)
* 2 books ($3 total)
* 2 champagne top magnets, 3 embroidered vintage hankies, 1 picture frame (gift)
* 1 book (gift)

Total In this week: 22


* 1 dead bra: bin
* 1 dead pedicure toe separators: bin
* 2 knitted washcloths: gifts
* 2 old magazines: donated to Taph to pass down the chain after she's read them
* 1 old Plan magazine, 1 old Powerhouse Museum magazine: recycled
* 1 large bag no longer required bits of paper and stuff from the filing cabinet: recycled
* 2 plastic folders beyond redemption: bin
* 1 Royal Caribbean souvenir glass from my first cruise in 2002: posted to a cruise buddy who collects such things
* 1 bracelet: given to Taph to be upcycled

* 1 Groovy Green Bag: gift
* 2 Christmas postcards: given to Taph
* 4 coloured pillowcases I don't want that I got with doona covers I do want (for sewing), 1 tray mat, 1 set of Christmas window clings, 1 polycotton waffle weave bathrobe (for the spare room which hasn't existed for almost 2 years), 1 black and white "mod" dress (which has been waiting for over a year to be listed on eBay), 3 plastic black and white bangles to match, 1 brand new black hoodie bought off eBay which is polycotton and not cotton as listed and also just slightly too small (which is the whole reason I thought I'd banned myself from buying clothes on eBay!), 1 pair of Prudence Chastity d'sprett's glasses and 1 bag: Smith Family.
* 2 posters bought from The National Gallery Shop about 5 years ago and never framed: recycled.

Total Out this week: 30


* Still working on that stole from last week
* 2 groovy green bags for gifts

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 214

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m1k1 said...

you rule, that's for sure