Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seven Things Spring/ Summer Week 17: and so the year ends


* Sophie Gray cookbook, black & white apron, pot holder & oven mitt, set of bird-shaped clothespegs, Flushed Away DVD (Christmas gift)
* New Zealand Home & Building souvenir edition from the Auckland City Art Gallery 1950s show, 2 Bro'town DVDs (Christmas gift)
* White handtowel (Christmas gift)
* 2 cards, 2 cutouts, 1 necklace, 3 dolls house miniatures (gift)
* 1 length of black denim, 4 video cases, 4 Maxwell Williams White Basics cereal bowls from Taph
* 1 frame for this picture.

Total In this week: 28

* 54 dolls house miniatures: donated to Janet
* 1 set placemats: gift
* 1 Groovy green bag: gift

Total Out this week: 56


* Groovy green bag

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 242
Oh - and if you want to see some impressive numbers, pop over and see the results of Taph's week!


Janet McKinney said...

Grrr - at least I was in positive territory this week even after this 54...

A number of items have found a new home in my dolls houses even


Taphophile said...

Still going strong, TSS, despite the season. My numbers might be high, but so is my shame.