Friday, December 21, 2007


Well not completely sorted but I'm pretty happy with what I managed to deal with today after I officially declared it the first day of the Christmas break (with a slight hiccough on Monday when I have to do some work):

* The To be filed tray is empty. The stuff is filed. The scary thing is I found things in there dated 2006 so I obviously didn't do any filing over Christmas last year... I also threw a lot of stuff into the recycling bin while I was sorting.

* I finally FINALLY managed (I think) to convert my Optus bill from paper-based to web-based after a saga covering many years.

* There is no longer a teetering pile of Lundby stock with damaged packaging in the corner of my office floor because they're now listed here and stacked neatly on my stock shelves.

It's a pity I still haven't finished making my Christmas presents but at least I've cut a couple of them out after making major inroads into refinding my workroom. (It was used as a general dumping ground for mess from the rest of the house before I went away so the place looked presentable for my house sitters...)

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Janet McKinney said...

Wow - you have been busy. Filing - what is that ... I tidied up the shelves beside my computer desk by dumping the paperwork elsewhere. Some time soon I am going to have to go through them all...

In the mean time, I have to finish off the Christmas things to do. And I must update my blog... lots of things out this week ;)