Thursday, July 17, 2008


Once again ActewAGL decided they had to replace a power pole in the area so the power was off around here today.

This time I'd learnt my lesson and was showered well before the stated cut off time. Alas, my crumpets weren't quite toasted but were quite edible, if slightly on the soft side.

After the drama I had trying to work with no power last month, I decided to give up and take the day as annual leave (although it has since been pointed out to me that if I'd actually been in an office with no power I still would have been paid even if I wasn't able to do anything.)

So there I was this morning with an unexpectedly empty day ahead of me. At first I was tempted to just run away from my cold, dark house and spend the day op shopping but then I decided to stay home and make a game of it.

What could I do without power?

Not the dishes (no hot water)

But I could remove everything from the benches and clean them down properly. And take the packing boxes from the last lot of Lundby stock out to the garage from next to the fridge where they've been for a couple of weeks.

Not the ironing.

But I could fold and put away the clean washing plus some other random items of clothing hanging round (or, more precisely, dumped on the floor or chair)

No sewing.

But I could settle in and finish the belated birthday wristwarmers and have them ready to deliver tonight when I go to dinner at the birthday boy's place.

No baking.

But I could go get the groceries.

And I could also spend some quality time in The Room of Shame sorting and tidying and putting away. There's been a lot of dumping and running of dolls house furniture over the past few weeks so getting them back in their correct boxes was pretty satisfying.

By 11:30am I'd decided I could justify a little op shop foray as I needed to go out to buy lunch anyway. Of the things I picked up this is my favorite:
A $5 top. Not to wear (it's a size 8) but because the fabricis identical to my favourite very expensive Swanky Hanky that I bought last year.

I think it's time I learnt to sew a rolled hem and turn this top into some very cheap not swanky hankies!

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Anonymous said...

Check this link out for hankie making:

It's on my to do list to replace Dave's $2 Shop hankies with pretty ones made by me one day. Personalised hankies just seem so much nicer!