Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Buy Local Road Trip: Part Four

Final stop: Lake George (The lake with no water). You can see it below the hill on the left of the picture and above the line of trees in the middle... We'd planned to go to Madew Wines but they were closed for a private function so we ended up next door at Lerida Estate
Where we tasted a few winesbut weren't tempted to buy.And so we drove through the autumn leavesback to Canberra.

So what did I end up buying?Far too many goodies (I feel another frugal week coming up!)

Expensive hankies from The Swanky Hanky by 4 corners (no website that I can find)- they're made in Mudgee so outside of my definition of "local" but I've not bought new black and white hankies in forever so....

Expensive jams from The Lynwood Cafe, but how could I resist the packaging? And besides it is actually locally made (and the first ingredient is not sugar - another reason to buy)

And a few second hand tomes from The Collector Gallery including this gem for $7:(Yes, that's THE Russel Wright)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day you had! I lived in Canberra many moons ago (when I was a wild young thing),and I never got to see Lake George empty - low, but never empty.
I love reading about your frugalling trips in and around Canberra - brings back some wonderful memories :-)

Carson said...

Driving through the autumn leaves sounds really nice.
And my sheet? Nope no mendies..sewing machine is kaput.

Taphophile said...

Oooh, you did have a good day! I read an article about the woman who makes those hankies in Australian Country Style a while back. She started making them because she has sons and no-one made suitably masculine hankies for boys who were between the ages of 4 and 40. She makes non-boy stuff, too, of course.