Friday, June 18, 2010

Call of the Small studio visit: Linda Davy

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting Linda Davy to see what she's been working on for the Call of the Small* exhibition at Craft ACT in August.Linda has come up with with a number of ranges:

Platters in green (various sizes from 1 1/2 inches across):
brown with knitting and tapestry patterns on them (two sizes):red with reindeer, also two sizes (no photos), and some beautiful quirky candelabra centrepieces complete with working candles which stand around 3 inches high:One of the great things about Linda's work for the exhibition is that the pieces would be just as home as large platters and candelabras in 1/12th scale as they would be as smaller pieces in 1/6th scale.

Watching over us as we talked were these chaps: and this one in particular, who seemed quite keep to come home with me...(Thanks, as usual to the real Call of the Small for use of her name for the occassion)


Anonymous said...

want want want
-publishing as anonymous so my greed will not be attributable

Kerry said...

I love those tiny platters!