Sunday, June 06, 2010

Saturday with Cycling S

I had a busy day off yesterday, with lots of housework in the morning, a visit from Taph and The Old Flame and then out with Cycling S in the afternoon.

We headed to Strathnairn to see an exhibition which had unfortunately closed last week so we went for a walk instead and I got to play with one of my new cameras:
The Strathnairn cafe was out of cake so we decided Tilley's was the only solution to our late afternoon munchies. Sitting outside is mandatory at this time of year, as we realise there will be less and less chances to do so over the next few months.Wearing a lovely fluffy mohair jumper helps, as does a serve of hot salt and pepper squid.

Also mandatory is a wander through Booklore next door. Buying books is not. But this doesn't usually stop me adding to my piles...

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