Thursday, April 22, 2010

It seems to be becoming a Thursday tradition...

Spending $20 on things to make me happy.

I couldn't help it: my horoscope today said I should support the economy and so the following came home with me:
* The
latest issue of Frankie magazine (Taph alerted me to the vintage caravans but there's also fabulous tea towel eye candy and lots of other things I am yet to discover...)

* The catalogue for the
Jude Rae exhibition at CMAG. I've wanted this since the opening night but had to wait until it came to the top of my list (or that I happened to be in Civic Square with money in my wallet)

* A half price box of black and white
kikki.k luggage tags to label my wool stash suitcases with. Finally!


susan said...

Have we missed you on The Collectors - or have you been on already?

susan said...

Meant to add that you might like the black and white tags offered by this Etsy seller. The make great gift tags as well as you can put them together for whatever age you need.