Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Donkey, OK?

Yesterday something happened that I've been looking forward to for weeks (no, not THAT, although it fits the bill, too)

I got an email from Canberra Theatre Centre telling me about a show I didn't already know about. Bliss!

Even better, it was The Dancers Company, the regional travelling arm of The Australian Ballet. I had to go! I rang a friend who I knew would enjoy it too, to see if she wanted to join me.

I got her messaging service: one of those whizz bang ten second voice to text thingos. I left a message.

When she rang back she was a touch perplexed. Apparently the service had decided that I was asking if she wanted to go to the ballot of Donkey, Ok?

Not the ballet of Don Quixote.

I'm tempted to ring her again and spout a stream of New Zealand place names and see how it copes.

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Ampersand Duck said...

Oh man, I got one of those things from one of my relatives, telling us that one of my aunties had died. Unfortunately my son picked up the phone and was a bit freaked by a robot voice telling him that 'Julie has been taken by the angels'.

I guess the wording for those things is super-crucial!