Friday, February 11, 2011

A day of odd connections

I spent lunchtime today at The National Library, attending a fascinating lecture by Liam Wyatt about his time as Wikipedian in residence at The British Museum.

I was so inspired I thought he would be a great speaker for this year's National Digital Forum in New Zealand (you may remember I was fortunate enough to attend last year's as part of my Te Papa internship.)

Except, when I asked him if he'd ever spoken in New Zealand he said "Yes... at Digital Forum". Damn! Beaten to the punch. I couldn't remember seeing him on the programme though, and I found out why once I got back to work.

He presented in 2009. Damned Kiwis and being ahead of the the rest of the world when it comes to such things...
And I returned home this evening to discover an anonymous comment (thank, Anon!) informing me that a photo I took of National Library was used on the ABC blog today, illustrating an interview with the new Director General of the National Library.


Rebecca said...

Not only a great photo, but used to illustrate a story about another A-M S! How appropriate :-)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I hadn't even noticed that connection!