Friday, February 04, 2011

And then, suddenly, it was Friday night

Blimey! What happened there? Life suddenly seemed to hit warp speed.

Never fear, there are inchies. There just hasn't been the light to photograph them properly: I've either been home too late to catch the daylight or the weather has been so appalling that the daylight has been miserable.

Since Tuesday I've:

* Bought a giant suitcase from Salvos to add to my vintage suitcase collection. Photo to come.

* Accidentally attended the Canberra premiere of The Dinner Party. It was most odd, seeing places I regularly wander past featured on the big screen. Even weirder seeing an ex workmate up there and another ex work mate's band featured. No photos as I left my camera at home.

* Had the bath soaked book experiments returned to me. (No photos of them yet, either...)

* Taken a friend out to dinner and another friend out to drinks to celebrate being back in the land of the fiscally flush.

* Been researching two potentially big projects: one is (I've realised belatedly) covered by a pesky code of confidentiality: the other I don't want to broadcast until it's more certain.

Tomorrow is the weekend. I plan to catch up and catch breath.

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