Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Eeep! Eeepity eep eep!

I have to say it's been a rather odd day all round*. I didn't think much could top this morning's excitement, but I was wrong.

I checked the post box this evening and found an unexpected package:
With a lovely message from *annina*, who won one of my giveaways from a couple of years ago.

In the package?An incredibly stunning piece of miniature embroidery:(Did I mention stunning?)And the really odd thing? Did you notice who took the full page photo that leads my Uppercase article that I blogged about this morning?

(*We're not going to think about the letter from the real estate agent with the yearly notice of my rent rise...)

1 comment :

*annina* said...

I'm glad the parcel arrived safely on the other side of the world :-)