Monday, May 01, 2006

Sydney second hand report

(Actually, that's not quite correct because Woy Woy is 40 km north of Sydney - and a lovely train ride it is. If you ever get the chance to take it, make sure you're sitting on the right hand side of the carriage for the best views.)

A frugaller's delight with four op shops within about a block of each other!

A small but well organised shop split into two sections across the courtyard from each other. The first is the usual clothing, kitchenware and other goods and across the way is furniture, bedding and curtains. Nicely laid out with stock easy to find (except for the knitting needles which I finally spotted on the top of a tall bookcase which was displaying glasses.)

My haul: Craft supplies!(Ignore the circular needles and the marking pencils which I bought new at the local craft shop.) Underneath are two cushion covers and an embroidered table cloth (60 cents in total) which I plan to turn into shoe bags for Princess B's trip.

2. Animal Welfare League:Handily right next door to the RSPCA and once again separated into 3 distinct rooms: firstly books, toys and manchester then clothing and shoes and finally kitchenware, sportsware and other household goods. My haul: nothing.

3. Lifeline:One of the most beautiful op shops I have visited (but I suspect they have moved into a previously decorated space.) The goods are nicely displayed with plenty of space to move around but to make up for this the prices are rather a lot higher.

My haul: Brand new backgammon set in a tin for $5.I think this will be heading to Sis assuming she still plays backgammon. Funky colourful daisy tablecloth for $4. This has decided it wants to stay at B's house. 4. Vinnies: (No pictures permitted). A little further away than the cluster of other shops but worth the walk round the corner.

If you're feeling a little pooped after digging through the previous three shops there is a good cafe on the corner between them and Vinnies where you can stop for a coffee and snack to keep your energy levels up. They even have the internet if you feel the need to brag in your blog about your purchases so far.

Vinnies store is situated just opposite the wharf in a large bright space separated into two areas, clothing and manchester to the left and kitchenware, books and other bric a brac displayed on rows of metal shelves to the right.

My haul: Best find of the day: net curtains complete with matching tie-backs! The ones in The Land of Spare Oom are falling apart and I found these for $8 at Vinnies.They looked suspiciously similar to the ones I have in my room and I figured $8 was worth the gamble. And I was correct. Not my taste at all but I guess the landlady will be happy if I ever bother telling her...

Total spend: $17.60 on frugalling, $13.85 on knitting needles and marking pencils


Pink Rocket said...

oh i'm having heart palpitations! the furniture in the first shop! oy!! someone call a medic, stat!! WOW!!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yeah, I was thinking it was a pity my house was full, my wallet empty and anything I wanted to buy I had to get back on a train and then a bus and then another bus :-(

Anonymous said...

just wondering if you knew the actual street names for the first 2 op shops? they look amazing, and i would love to visit them.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Errr, no actually, but I can give you directions!

With your back facing the front door of the Woy Woy library, turn right, walk to the street turn right again so you are walking down the street at the side of the library. When the street curves to the left, cross the road. You should see the Lifeline op shop on your right and, through a slightly ramshackle parking area, a shopping arcade straight out of the 60s. There you'll find both op shops I photographed.

If all else fails, stop in at Gnostic ( for a coffee and ask them for directions!

Anonymous said...


Esmeralda Tabarez said...

I think the backgammon set is pretty cool! You don’t see a lot of classic games that come in a tin anymore. That’ll be great to take with you on the road. You could play backgammon in the back of the car!