Monday, August 14, 2006

Flat out at work

I forgot to mention that in my new job I'll be working from home. Bit scary, really - do I have the personal strength and dedication to ensure the above scenario doesn't happen?

Then again, if I get the best results by sitting in bed in my Pirate nightshirt, who's to say that's wrong? Obviously going out to a client visit is said Pirate nightshirt might cause a bit of a problem (mainly because I'd die of hypothermia in winter).

But maybe it (the working from bed not the dying of hypothermia) could become my selling point. You've heard of the Supper Clubs, right? And you remember the Sex and the City post-it note episode club? And who could forget Paula Yates and that interview with Michael Hutchence?! And going back in history it was quite quite normal for royalty to receive guests in their bedrooms (not that I'm suggesting I'm royalty by any stretch of the imagination!)

So maybe I should embrace my inner sloth, burn all my work clothes and take to my bed.

(Listening to: Ronny Jordan, The quiet revolution)

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