Sunday, August 13, 2006

Unexpected pleasures

I thought I had another typical Sunday ahead of me today - washing, housework, working on TSS, more housework. Then I got a phone call from Mondo saying she and JC were heading past and did I fancy joining them for brunch at Tilleys?

"Nice idea" said I "but my wallet's empty. So why don't you both come here for brunch instead?" And so it came to pass that I was suddenly magicing brunch for three out of the contents of my cupboards and fridge.

Magic Trick One: No matter what you're serving up, it always seems more impressive when presented well. So before I did anything else, I set the table.Magic Trick Two: Luckily I always have a supply of basics on hand which can be turned into any number of things in very little time. Today I grabbed some yoghurt and a sample pack of toasted muesli which arrived with a recent magazine. First course sorted. Then I remembered some frozen Italian bread left over from the last Craft Catch Up. I had some almost past-it mushrooms, and a bowl of pesto from the same Craft Catch Up meal. And suddenly we were having french toast with smoked salmon and pesto mushrooms for a second course.During brunch I mentioned I'd received a text from Taph letting me know Vinnies in Mitchell was selling all clothes for $2 today which led to the next unexpected pleasure - a bonus frugalling trip (and my bill being picked up by Mondo to make up for the fact she hadn't had to shell out for brunch. She was still happy to pay when I pointed out that only the bag was actually for me - what a star!)
I have to share a close up of the middle fabric (I'm particularly tickled by the pink legs on the duck who's just left the pond):And, to cap off today's unexpected pleasures, after a very foggy and ordinary start to the day the sun finally came through and the temperature is perfect to have the windows and back door open for the first airing of the house since winter started. The smell of jonquills wafting through the house really does make me believe that spring is just around the corner.

(Listening to: Holy Cole Trio, Blame it on my youth)


Taphophile said...

Ooh, you did have a good day - breakfast with nice people who take you the best kind of shopping. It wasn't until I pressed send that I thought signing the text would have been helpful :)

mamatulip said...

You photograph things so nicely. When I look at your photographs I can picture them in like, a style magazine or something.

That fabric with the ducks is awesome.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Taph - never fear, you're programmed into my phone (in case of frugalling emergencies) so I knew it was from you.

Mama - What thank you! Just call me the Anti Martha...

Martha said...

oi, the what??

That other bloody Martha ruins it for the rest of us.