Friday, August 11, 2006

Nothing to say really...

Went to work, went to lunch, went back to work, stopped off in Target (and found some early bargains to add to my Christmas present cupboard), came home and ate the leftovers from last night.

So to keep you entertained here are some random photos of Canberran op (thrift) shops I haven't got round to posting yet:Kingston YMCA. Small but very well organised (and friendly). A good stop for me if I've been to Kingston for a haircut. I can't remember any outstanding purchases, though.
Curtin Vinnies, tucked away downstairs but still bright and clean. Had a solid place on medium rotation with me (if I don't visit once a month I start getting twitchy.) V found Sylvia Plath's children's book here but their cassettes are the most expensive I've found, even at half price. Oh well, at least they're the only op shop with live music - the sounds of the busker in the shopping centre above often waft down the stairs and make browsing so much more enjoyable...

(Listening to: Everything but the girl, Worldwide)

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