Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whiskey, wontons and weather

Och aye, t'was a wee Glenfiddich tasting. With bagpipes. And haggis on toast (not that I tried that), crayfish in filo (didn't try that either) and little pikelets with smoked salmon and caviar. And a jazz band (not at the same time as the bagpipes, you'll be pleased to hear)

And just when I thought it was all over and it was time to go home the doors to the room next door were opened and we were piped in to our tables where we found six glasses at each place containing different ages of Glenfiddich from 12 years to 40 years. There was a presentation from some cute chap from the factory who had the most delicious French/ Scottish accent(bugger the whiskey, I could just drink that in all night),a wee film and then we were guided through the drinking of the various glasses.

Then when it was finally and really over (we knew it was cause we'd had coffee and shortbread) Nick, Tracy and I decided the only fitting end to the evening was a little bite to eat at Chow Wellington. Where we got as table right down the front by the band (Wellington Heads) and I had another round of blue cheese wontons. Bliss!
Some time over night it started raining. And raining. And raining. I dreamt of arks and waterfalls and was sure the house was going to float off down the hill, through the Karori tunnel and out to sea. But it appears we're still here (and it's still raining). Tracy wants to go out. I'm scared I'll melt. I'm not used to rain.

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