Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A fulfilling experience

My parents may think I come to New Zealand to see them. My friends believe I come to see them. The owners of The Shish Mahal may be under the deluded impression they're the reason. But this is the real reason - my dentist who I've had since I was 17.

I'm grumpy with him this year. He says I have to have a filling. But I suppose one small filling every 10 years is acceptable, right?

(No, I didn't load the photo upside down, this is a real life view from the chair)


pink trees said...

i cracked up laughing when i saw the picture! i though she's got a man in her bed and she's taking pictures!! then i read it! lol

Taphophile said...

There's always a price to pay for cheap bananas. Not that I'm bitter or anything. ;)