Saturday, August 05, 2006

If I can't have the real thing...

Did you know that if you donate US$6,500 to the Eames Foundation they'll GIVE you a special edition, medallion-marked, hand-numbered 50th Anniversary Palisander Rosewood Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman?

I only wish my holiday budget could have stretched to that sort of souvenir purchase as it's an utter bargain, a good deed and a tax deductible donation all rolled into one (sort of like a designer Kindersuprise, really)

Alas it wasn't possible, but I can now say I own my own Eames Lounge chair 670 and ottoman 671 although on a slightly smaller scale.

Plus a parade of other delicious design classics:So if you've been lusting after the Vitra miniature chairs, can't cope with the prices but could cope with having chairs half the size you might like to check out the Design Interior Collections (also available on eBay, of course!)

(Listening to: The Beat, b.p.m. ... the very best of)

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