Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Up, down, turn around. Please don't let me hit the ground!

I often find if I pay attention to the songs that stick in my head I can discover how the ol' subconscious is feeling.

I first noticed this many years ago when I found myself incessantly humming Yazoo's
Bad Connection in the shower. It took a while before I realised I really had to break up with my boyfriend of the time.

I've been humming The Front Lawn's Tomorrow Night this week which is a fairly easy one to understand and usually lodges in my head just after I've bought tickets for a trip back to Wellington. Other trip related songs that pop up like clockwork include
The Final Countdown by Europe (which is particularly annoying because I hate it but it covers the situation very well - not that I know more than the chorus - duh de DAA daaa, duh de da da daaah....) And Back to Life by Soul 2 Soul always edges in during the last few days of any trip. I'm growing to have a Pavlovian hatred of that song.

(Let's not even mention the days where I find myself humming Where's your head at shall we?)

So anyway, there I am at work today beavering away and I start to hum. At first I can’t work out what I'm humming but soon I realise it's New Order's
Temptation. It would seem my subconscious is a little concerned about this upcoming change of job. I think that I need to lull it (the subconscious, not the song) with a couple of glasses of red wine and have a good talk to it.

Or maybe the issue is my new employer is talking about having a launch for me and I need to take the song more literally...

(Listening to: Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion (except for the first 7 seconds))


Martha said...

Now I have all those songs in my head too (as well as Dreamweaver which happens everytime I have to do some website guff. Gah)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Just sing The Birdy Dance and they'll all disappear...