Monday, August 28, 2006

How to spend a rainy Saturday in Wellington, NZ.

1. Have breakfast on the beach at The Maranui Life Saving Club cafe. Don't forget to join if you're not already a member!
2. Admire the view out the windows while sipping your Havana coffee.
3. Continue on to a couple of op shops, stopping to check out the artwork in the window...
...and the wonders inside.
4. Decide you need to escape the weather so head to The Paramount Theatre to see 50 Ways of Saying Fabulous while sipping a glass of wine. (Gotta support the local movie industry. They don't call it Wellywood for nothing, you know...)
5. Walk back to the car via Schoc chocolataire and espresso bar...
... where you spend a happy half hour testing the samples and trying to decide if you'd prefer to buy the 100% cocoa chocolate, the lemon white chocolate or the toasted sesame seed chocolate.
Go home, eat pasta, drink wine and pack while surfing the three (or is it four?) music channels on the TV.

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