Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bears, boots and a bingle

Well the boys have pretty much all gone to new homes and in return I now have a brand new pair of black and white spotty gumboots (just what you need in a drought-stricken city, right?) They arrived this morning marking the beginning of an interesting day...

At lunchtime I went to The National Library to hear a talk on Old Parliament House’s collecting interests and how they use eBay to buy stuff for their collection. Which was pretty cool.

Since I was already on that side of the lake I thought I'd continue south and check out the Yarralumla YMCA op shop I've had on my list for a while but it turns out they're just a collection centre which has a huge garage sale every so often. The next one's due for November 25th, if anyone's interested.

Southwards again, I was heading for Mawson where I'd been told I'd find the bamboo circular needle needed to complete my current knitting project. But alas, as I was heading into Mawson Miss Daisy had a bit of a whoopsie and a bingle ensued. Which meant instead of checking out the wool shop in Mawson I got to check out the new Police Station at Woden (very nice it is too).

When I rang NRMA they tried to tell me I had a $900 excess (err... I don't THINK so thank you very much!) but we got that sorted out, thankfully.

And in a stroke of luck the accountant called just after we'd limped home to say my tax return is done and the amount I'm getting back will nicely cover the cost of the excess on the repairs. Phew! Tonight I think I need a bucket of wine, a Super Sebzeli Turkish pizza and a trashy movie.


pinar said...

so you will have pide for dinner.. would like to join in.. would bring a bucket of turkish wine too..
sorry for the car accident.. but happy it is a small crash..
love the boots too.. very you..

Sister said...

Eeek, sorry to hear about the crash, I am very glad you're o.k though!
Glad the Taxman came though to cover costs

Carson said...

oh ergh about the bingle
what the taxman giveth (back)...the panel beater taketh away

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh never fear, there is refund money enough to also pay for my two sponsored children, my 2007 theatre subscription and a couple of other goodies...