Saturday, October 14, 2006

Spreadeagled in the dirt after a severe fall off the wagon...

These little beauties (19 vintage covered buttons for $1, Vinnies Dickson) were the start of my fall from the Use What You Have wagon this month.

$1 seems pretty innocuous, right? But when you add this $12 metre of fabric that happened to follow me home from IKEA last weekend: and these two fabrics:

which are bound for Christmas craftiness, you really can't ignore the fact that you I'm buying craft supplies (no matter how odd it feels after being on Use What you Have Month for so long.)

What a pity don't have a huge stash of money tucked away - I could go nuts this month and then quite happily climb back on the wagon for another 6 months.

(Listening to: Anthems of Trance Disc 1)

1 comment :

pinar said...

love the buttons..
love covered buttons..
and love more if they are vintage..