Saturday, October 28, 2006

That would be another week of tuna and pasta specials at The Staff Cafeteria, then

This little $40 beauty followed me home from Vinnies Mitchell, blowing my frugalling budget for the week right out of the water. The Staff Cafeteria came to the rescue and made up the rest of the money so watch out for a week of creative cooking!

it'll be worth it, though, in order to have all my general craft supplies (as opposed to my mini craft supplies which have a cupboard all of their own) organised and accessible and waiting for inspiration to hit.

A full tour (with notes) of each section can be found here if you're interested.

(Listening to: Rogue Traders, We know what you're up to)

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shanna said...

i'm a bit shocked as to the amount of color on this shelf! i figured you'd cover your books in black and white papers!