Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mooch ado about nothing

Three day weekends are great. Three day weekends with not much planned are even better. And best of all are three day weekends that coincide with the beginning of a new month.

I woke up yesterday morning, rolled over and went straight back to sleep because I could.

When my bladder I finally woke up I had breakfast in bed then spent the rest of the morning there with good company: Just after noon I finally surfaced, did a couple of loads of washing and sorted out a cupboard in my craft room (inspired by
this book and this blog post) before standing still long enough to realise just how dusty some of my corners were looking.

So I spent a happy hour or so dusting and rejigging my photos:and tackling some spring cleaning before doing my end of month accounts, mowing the lawn (didn't I just do that a couple of weeks ago?!) interspersed by mindless blobbing. And reading. And chocolate eating.

The great thing is when I look back I'll only remember the lazing and the fact I managed to get my pile of stuff to read down a little and not the housework.

And, even better, having successfully "wasted" one day I still have two more to go. With absolutely no pressing plans. Bliss...

(Listening to: Massive Attack: Mezzanine)


Anonymous said...

It's WEDNESDAY .... YES, WEDNESDAY! Where the hell is the update? Sunday is so passe!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sorry - I forgot to have a life on Monday and Tuesday. Will try not to do it again ;-)