Saturday, October 21, 2006

Second Hand Saturday

It would seem that the weekly frugalling budget has quietly snuck up from $20 to $25 over the past month or so. Still not a huge amount for so much entertainment, right?

And it's sort of cool to know my purchases a) give money to charity and b) save stuff from going to the dump (ever so ecologically virtuous you know) as opposed to a) support the multinationals and b) cause more stuff to be manufactured. And on top of all that I really like the thrill of not knowing quite what treasures I'm about to unearth...

Speaking of treasure, here's what I discovered this week:

  • Cow print fabric: $2.50 (I can't decide if this will become PJ pants for me or something Christmassy for my cow loving friend Nancy)
  • Skinny black and white tie: $3.00 (the test will be if I ever wear it. No worries if I don't as I think it'll make pretty fine upholstery fabric for a miniature sofa)
  • White teddy bear:20 cents. (I may be selling off the last of my big bear collection but I still have a little bear collection tucked away)
  • Black and white spotty cup: 30 cents
  • Maxwell Williams cup: 20 cents (alas no saucer)
  • Small black cake stand: $1.50
  • Two Maxwell Williams side plates: 50 cents each
  • Two thick white cotton pillowcases: 50 cents each (these are probably the most exciting purchases of the week)
  • The Magic of Dance by Margot Fonteyn: $10.00 (Expensive, I know, but very lovely.)
  • Five miscellaneous black and white zips: 20 cents each
  • Two balls of Cleckheaton Nostalgia (84% mohair): $3.00
  • Three small plastic trays: 70 cents total (these will work well to help keep my craft room drawers under control)
  • Shell shaped vase: $1.00
(Listening to: 50hz, Cyclehum)

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pinar said...

wow you did great..again