Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big news at the miniature show!

I'm feeling most perplexed that it's that time of year again. Here's my round up of what caught my eye at this year's ACTME Miniature Show today:

My fave was a very cool greenhouse display. Sorry, forgot to write down who made it...One-twelfth scale miniature green house with a man in a hand-knitted jumper working inside and a dog watching from the doorway.Taph and I got to fondle some of m1k1's silk knitting in person. We were in awe:Speaking of knitting, I thought this family rather sweet. All were looking for new homes at Del Murphy's stallas was this old dear with her shopping trolley:Alas I also forgot to write down who made this amazing smaller scale (1/24th?) set of brick row houses which were on display:but did make sure to take note of the new talent I found at the Brindabella Miniatures stall (alas, their web presence seems to have disappeared since last year):Lucy makes a range of brilliant birds and animals. This magpie was around 1 inch tall and very realistic!

Speaking of realistic, look what I found at the Victorian Dollhouse stall:Also spotted there (and this is the big news) was almost the full range of the REAC 1/12th scale design classic chairs. At extremely good prices (*insert waggling eyebrows here*). My Voice of Frugal Reason allowed me just one choice but I ignored it and replaced my broken Eames stool plus bought a second Aluminium Group chair which I know exactly where to use.

James at Victorian Dollhouse hasn't loaded the range to his website yet but if you'd like to hassle him to hurry him up then feel free to email him and tell him I sent you.(I don't think he's realised quite what he's in for...)


Anonymous said...

I love that greenhouse!! I don't QUITE get the miniatures thing but some of them are very cool and clearly a lot of work goes into them.

MiniBella said...

The Greenhouse was by Ann Dowdall.

MiniBella said...

Brindabella has a web presence at