Sunday, March 30, 2008

Second Hand Sunday

Taph and I did a bit of a frugalling frenzy yesterday and here's what I picked up for $27.90:* Stainless steel cake stand: $3. Someone else had actually got to this first and it was sitting on the counter waiting for them while they shopped. But they changed their mind and came racing up to hand it to me as they knew I had been eyeing it up. Do I need another cake stand? Errr, no. But I'm sure I could eBay it if I ever decide I don't have room for it anymore...
* 6 knitting pattern books for my mother: $4.50. Partly as an appeasement for shopping her stash when I visited but also as I know she (shock horror!) buys them new at much greater cost.
*2 brand new, stickers still attached, cream plastic knitting needle holders: 40 cents for both. Happy happy!
* Two china shell dishes: $1.00 total. Salvos Phillip was having a 50 cent bric a brac sale. At the original price of $3.50 each they would have stayed right where I found them. But for 50 cents they came home with me.
* Hummel style figurines: $2 the pair. Very cute (see below) and heading for a swap.
* Letter A dish, also 50 cents from the Salvos sale. The E was missing and I re-donated the T immediately.

* Set of pewter dishes and things: $2.50. Princess B collects Pewter. She might not like these but at this price I'm happy for her to re donate if that's the case.
* Two books: $3.
* Johnson Bros milk jug and sugar bowl set: $5. A gift for a friend.
* 3 brand new vintage tea towels to add to Princess B's collection: $6 total.

See what I mean about cute? I think I'll trot off and do some ironing now!

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Janet McKinney said...

Very cute even. What is the man doing then? And do you usually get inspired by a figurine. What would you do if I gave you a .... oh forget it then