Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Office

It's weird working in an office with other people. Or maybe I just work in a weird office...

Yesterday morning a colleague and I played patty cake. As you do.

And in the afternoon I had this conversation with Finance Boy who sits next to me:

FB: (Out of the blue) "Would you like to see my bank account?"
TSS: (Looking perplexed) Is that some kind of Accountant mating call I don't know about?"
(titters from behind us where everyone else sits)

So we all huddled round to look at FB's bank account. Which has a whopping 9 cents in it.

TSS: "It's very small, isn't it?"
Other Officemate: "Yeah, but it's not important how big it is it's what he does with it..."

At which stage we all fell round in fits of laughter.

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Janet McKinney said...

Looks like you are being wooed..