Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday on my mind in da hood

It's the end of my first week interning and I feel like a walking zombie (So does Miggs, I suspect!).

But I cheered up when it was declared we'd have a class outing to Global Fabrics this morning to fondle some fibre...Then we went to Wellington institution Midnight Espresso for some Super Nachos.After which life back at the sewing machine looked much more alluring...

Especially when I was told I could move on from men's merino tops to making a merino knit hood and scarf combination. Since my aim while I here was to learn to make a hoodie, a hood is a pretty exciting thing to make. And I was chuffed that THERE WAS NO UNPICKING!

1 comment :

Michelle said...

I'm loving all your photos.

And I've been to Midnight Espresso - monster hot chocolates in a bowl, right?